Grade 4 and 5

Yes, this tune was written on a Sunday... and in Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario.  Glengarry is famous for fiddles, stepdancing, pipes and all things Scottish... and when I moved here more than thirty years ago, I was a little surprised at how the people here seemed like they had preserved a little of Scotland in this corner of Ontario.  We had a beautiful day last Sunday - a wee bit of sun after a number of days of rain... it was a lazy and laid back day - a bit like this tune.  I hope you enjoy it!  Perhaps a Grade 3 or 4 would be able to handle this one.

PDF of Sunday In the Glen

PDF of "Ayre" - intermediate version

This is for a bit more advanced player... a grade 5 or 6 perhaps would enjoy this

Skeleton Dance

Not sure what possessed me to write this one... but it's a bit of fun.  I would place this at a Grade 4 level - mostly because of the key signature.  You might enjoy having some fun coming up with some dynamics and adding them in.

PDF version of "Skeleton Dance"

Strollin' in the Garden

 I liked the little jazzy tune that I wrote for Hayden, so decided to make a little something more outof it.  Hope you enjoy it - probably around a Grade 4 level or easy Grade 5.

                   PDF version of "Strollin' In the Garden"

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